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Resellers Near You Search

The Reseller Near You feature allow consumers to search for your customers' stores in their area that sell your products. It offers consumers a way to search for a reseller/retailer in their area by using their zip code on your web site. This is a great marketing tool that will help promote the stores that sell your products. The Reseller Near You doesn’t require any additional data entry to setup the reseller information. It uses your existing Elliott customer, ship-to files or both to search for resellers.

It features a link to either Yahoo or Mapquest maps. You can choose to only display your active customers. Other criteria may be configured based on any data in the customer/ship-to files. For example you may choose to only show your customers with a customer type of preferred. Reseller Near You is not a complete web site solution. It is designed to be added to and integrated within your existing web site.