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is Elliott Business Software's e-Commerce and e-Business solution. It enables users to place orders throught the Internet real-time. In addition, they will be able to manage orders as well as view invoice history real-time.

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User Registration

Users are managed via the Elliott eContact database. In Elliott you have the control to update the users contact information and password as well as block their access to your Elliott eStore.NET. Users will login to Elliott eStore.NET using their email address and password defined in the eContact database.

Item Catalog Search

An advanced item search allows users to search on item number, description, user defined code, product category, material cost type, vendor ID, buyer analysis code, notes 1-5 and price. The item detail can include the image and links as defined in Elliott. If an item is a manufactured or kit items the components can be viewed along with quantity and quantity per. Available to promise information is also available which gets its data from Elliott’s Available to Promise Inquiry feature. Items are easily setup in Elliott, to show them on they web you simply change a flag to mark it a web item.

Credit Card Transactions

You can choose to require some users pay by credit card as defined by their terms in Elliott. If you purchase a 3rd party software, Via Warp from Nova or PayWare PC, credit cards can be validated and charged in real time. Credit card information is managed in the user’s eContact credit card information.


At the time of checkout users can specify a PO number, the ship to store location and request date for each item. Miscellaneous fees, tax and shipping charges can all be configured to your business needs.

Place Orders

When a user adds items to the shopping cart and submits the order, Elliott eStore.NET will communicate with the Order Entry Web Service, which creates the sales order in Elliott by updating the Elliott sales order tables directly. You have the option to have all internet orders created as Q, O or I type of orders. You can also choose to put orders on hold or extend the shipping date so orders have time to be reviewed by your staff before they are shipped.

Freight Shipment Calculation

eStore.NET supports freight calculation for UPS and FedEx. Freight is automatically calculated based on total line item weight, shipping zone, and shipping method.

View Orders

When users wish to view their open orders, Elliott eStore.NET will invoke the Order Inquiry Web Service, which reads the Elliott sales order tables and allows users to view only their open orders. As a result, users will be able to see open orders created from Elliott eStore.NET , as well as phone, faxed, and email orders. Users are able to ship the status of their orders such as open, processing or shipped.

View Account Information

Customer account inquiry, including AR open item records, eContacts, Attributes and links.

View Invoice History

When users wish to view invoice history, Elliott eStore.NET will invoke the Invoice History Web Service, which reads the Elliott invoice history tables and allow users to view their invoice history records. You have the option to determine how much history a user can view. You may choose 1 month or 5 years of data, the choice is yours.

Elliott eStore.NET deploys a three-tier architecture design: Presentation, Business Logic and Database.

Presentation Layer

This layer is designed with ASP (Active Server Page), ASP.NET or HTML to be hosted on a Windows 2003/2008 web server. This layer is responsible for the user interface in Elliott eStore and does not directly update the Elliott database. It is uses the middle tier layer, Business Logic (Web Services), to communicate with Elliott.

Business Logic Layer

This layer refers to the Elliott Web Services. They are responsible, as a middle tier layer, for communication between ASP or ASP.NET pages and the Elliott database. They have the business intelligence for updating Elliott database and enforcing the business rules. The Web Services are designed without a user interface. ASP or ASP.NET pages pass certain parameters and the Web Services perform the job as requested, update/retrieve Elliott database(s), and return results back to the ASP or ASP.NET pages.

Database Layer

Elliott eStore.NET uses the most advanced database engine released from Pervasive Software, Pervasive P.SQL, for the database layer. Not only will it work with the Elliott Business Software at the transaction level (micro kernel), it also offers a relational database for advance query to retrieve Elliott's database.

Many Elliott V7.x features are designed specifically to interact with Elliott eStore.NET solution. The eContact database, available in Elliott V7.x, contains user login information for the web site (Elliott eStore.NET). The Mass Email program in Elliott V7.x utilizes eContact for sending update news to users. The Automatic order and shipping acknowledgement Emails can be sent to inform users about their order and shipping status. Credit card cash receipt and log processes are designed specifically for eCommerce credit card transactions.